Image Link With Content

version 1.0

last updated 09/05/2016

Requirements: Concrete5 version (or newer)

'Image Link With Content' is a Concrete5 block that allows you to select an image, fill out a title, a text area, and a read more title, and then it displays them together in a block with rollover functionality. The functionality is simple, it shows the image with the title on top, when you hover over the image the content paragraph and read more link is revealed. You don't have to use this block for links though, it will show the same content and work without selecting a link.


Simple to use block. Includes preset layout and functionality, with the ability for you to add your own content and image and set the blocks colors to your desire.

How To Use This Block

After adding this block to a page, you will be presented with the blocks form where you may:

  • Add a title:

  • Add some text content:

  • Provide the background image (although the block works fine without one):

  • Select an internal link (althought the block works fine without one):

  • Provide a custom sub title under content:

  • Last but not least, change the colors presented when the block is hovered, as well as the color of the content that shows up.

Changing Colors

To change colors of elements displayed by the block, click the Styling tab where you will be presented with the color selectors that change the colors used by the block. A short description of which color you are changing appears below each color.

Image Link With Content :: Live Examples

Default colors w/ externl link in content:

Modified colors:

Custom Colors With No Image:

Internal Link: