Info Box Grid Block

version 1.0

last updated 09/16/2016

Requirements: Concrete5 version (or newer)

'Info Box Grid' for Concrete5 is a block that makes adding awesome info boxes to your website a breeze!

Title 1

An area for content. This info box is linked to a file.

Internal Link

This is another info box. All info boxes are contained within one block. This box is an internal link.

No Image

If no image is selected, whatever background color is set in the block form will be visible.

Page Link

This info box is set to link to another page on the site.

External Link

This info box will take you to one of the worlds greatest websites! You can trust us, the link will open in a new window for you :)

Another External Link

This time, the external link will not open in a new window.

It's Alive!

The info boxes grow. There is a minimum width setting in the block. However many can fit on one row will do so; when an info box wraps to the next row, it will take up as much space as it can.


Theres lots of settings in the block. You have total control over the look, such as rounded corners and colors used, or the height of the image window.

You can also decide on text alignment, and set the alignment of content area. For example, this info box is the tallest one. You decide how to align the content in the shorter info boxes, whether it should be centered in the text area or not.

Another block

This is another block added to this page. Adding multiple Info Box Grid boxes to the same page is one way to switch up the different widths if the info boxes. This info box grid has a diffferent minimum width setting than the one above! Although by just checking out the page you wouldn't have guessed they where separate blocks!


The info boxes animating in is a feature you can enable from the block!

Oh yea, this info box grid is set to align its content to be centered. Notice the difference from the block above?


It's responsive too! Try resizing your browser window to see how nice everything adjusts itself.

The space between each info box is another one of the many settings available.

Rearrange Items

Since the info boxes within a block are all created from editing just that block, you could guess there must be all kinds of goodies inside. Well there is. Easily drag different info boxes around if you need to change the order.